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Here We Go!

My passion for writing began as soon as I learned how to write. I wrote stories about cats when I was 8. I wrote persuasive essays when I was 12 (and decided I would write for the NY Times, which obviously never happened). I geeked out with research in undergrad and spent a summer enveloped in my master's thesis in my 20's. But my 30's have brought about a time for change.

I started my first novel on accident. In my late 20's I learned that I suffer from a myriad of anxiety disorders. I became more aware of my personal fears (and night terrors). So, since I have such a love of writing, I decided to write about them one day. The short story that emerged quickly turned into me taking online classes in creative writing, still just for fun, but eventually I began hearing a voice come through in my stories. As I went back through to edit my now book, I found that I was hearing myself. I discovered metaphors that were mirrored in my life. I wondered, if I felt this way about reading what I wrote, how many others would find healing in my stories? This is when the heart of my novel was born.

Today, I have almost reached the 50,000 word mark. Every day that I write is cathartic. I feel empowered, as well as excited to share The Shift with my future readers.

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me. There is much more to come. <3


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