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It's Official!

Today I received an email that The Shift, my first novel, is available for purchase! I am excited, proud, nervous, and a little scared. Basically, regardless of how well written or interesting a book is, if it doesn't get noticed, no one will ever read it, which is my biggest fear in all of this...

I put my heart and soul into this book, along with 4 years of my life; but the work is not yet done. Next come marketing and reviews. I am working with my hybrid publisher, Xlibris, and social networks in order to promote and bring awareness to potential readers, and will be reaching out to well-known authors of similar fiction to request reviews.

Setting my fears aside, I am so glad to have accomplished this first step in my writing career, and am excited to announce the availability of The Shift! If you find the description interesting, give it a read and let me know how it sits with you. I'd love all of the feedback and reviews I can get! Also, feel free to share it with others you think may be interested!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey, including my mother who read and edited the first few chapters over and over again until they were just right, and my husband who worked with me to design the cover until it was exactly how I pictured it.

We did it!

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